08 June 2012

The Moment You've Been Waiting For

Our bathroom is finally *mostly* done and I think it's safe to show you. 

I'm working on a sign for above the window, and I haven't had that meaningful moment with a window treatment idea yet (you know when you just know something is right...I haven't had that yet), so for now the window is still bare. 


Many moons ago we had a bathroom that looked like this:

Wow.  I had forgotten.

After doing some of this...

...and having this for awhile...

...then David laid the flooring all by himself.  I had some amazing photos but they appear to be missing!  Strange.   So just imagine David laying flooring, and Daphne having a great time writing with Sharpie on the wood under the floor for future generations to find.

And now, finally, we have this:

The mirrors are nicely reflective.

This bathroom has a toilet, I promise, (behind the door) but that's a pretty boring photo to take.  Besides that area looks basically the same as before.

Isn't it all so beautiful?  I love it.  I just realized these photos were taken before I bought the rug, so imagine a white rug in there.  It looks good too.

As a recap, before:

And after:

Our next project is the kitchen.  The change won't be nearly as drastic, but it will be lovely just the same.


Meeka said...

So beautiful! I love it, especially the vanities . . .

melissa said...

me too! they are one of my favorite things.