29 June 2012

Our Great Canadian Adventure: Stuff We Did

Don't think I forgot about posting about our vacation...you know I'm not going to give up an opportunity to share our 592 vacation photos.

So sit back and enjoy.

But first, here is some very interesting Canada trivia for you (if you were to read a Canadian trivia book based on the lives of David and Melissa):

8 summers ago David and I were in Banff, Calgary for our honeymoon and got to watch some of the summer Olympics while we were there.  It was interesting watching the Olympics from another country.

4 summers ago we were on a little babymoon vacation in Vancouver, B.C. right before Daphne was born, and got to watch the summer Olympics while we were there.

And now it's the summer Olympics again and we were in Canada!  Amazing!  Except we didn't actually get to see them since they're not on yet, but the general time period is the same.
our canadian home

The whole week is kind of a blur in part to a baby boy who did not feel the need to sleep on this trip.  I do have a few fuzzy memories, including discovering that David and I ROCK as a bocce ball team. Our house was on a gigantic lot with a lawn perfect for bocce ball.

This photo is an excellent example of the tension/joy experienced during our tournaments.   David appears to be the joyful one here.

There was lot of fishing available for those who liked to leave their wives with the small children every single day to fish.  You could march a ways down our backyard and fish all you wanted, or there were tons of lakes/streams/etc to drive to.

Daphne came to love fishing so much that David bought her her own pole.  It's very fun to dodge the rubber fish on the end as she flings the line around the house.  The girl has an arm. 
One afternoon we went to a mill.  I'm not 100% sure what is so special about this mill, but it was in a beautiful location and the giant saws were interesting to look at, and my sis snapped this super cute photo of our family:
Daph was in a mood that afternoon and never really had a cheery face.  David fixed her hair...that may have been part of the problem.
There was some swimming,
cheerfulness is oozing from this photo
art time, 
and Christian made his debut at clapping (I'm not sure why he doesn't look happier about it).
We played card games, went for walks, read books, had a mystery dinner, saw salmon jumping, a few saw bears (luckies!), discussed what to do should we come in contact with a bear (sing loudly), and enjoyed lots of doses of lazy-nothing.  
Is that enough photos?  That's all I will share for now, unless I think of more later.  Because more is always good.

P.S. I just realized a whole other post I can do about our trip!  Can't believe I almost forgot about it!  Stay tuned...

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