10 June 2012

Slices of Life, Vol VI

1.  David and Daphne like to snuggle up and read about the Avengers.

2.  Christian likes to sit around looking handsome, which is good, because we like our babies handsome.  (And sullen.)

3.  Sometimes (and this is hard for me) I have to say yes to the mess and let them build a tent in the living room, just because it makes them happy.

4.  Sometimes David and Daphne read about the Avengers in the tent.

5.   I went to get Daphne from her nap the other day and found she had stripped herself down and put her swimsuit on. Too bad it was 60 degrees out.

6.   The other night I got crafty and made some magnets using washi tape, where the end result make the magnets looks like strips of tape on the fridge.  So cute (thanks, Pinterest, and this link here in particular!).  The next day I was so happy to show David my creation.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Look at these cool magnets I made.  They look like tape!

David: Tape?  How do they look like tape?

M:  The ends look torn, like you tore off tape.  So cool, right?

D:  They don't look like tape.  Why are they colored?  How does that look like tape?

M:  It's washi tape!  Washi tape is colored and pretty!  DON'T YOU LIKE MY TAPE MAGNETS???

D.  They don't look like tape.

And now anytime we have a conversation about anything, he says, "well, maybe you should go make some more tape magnets."

Then, about a day later, Daphne was in the kitchen and she said, "Mama!  Look!  There's tape on the refrigerator!"

I love her.
tape magnets.  obviously.

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