17 May 2012

Sneak Peak

I know you've been DYING to know how our bathroom is coming along.

Yes, I thought so.

Finally, after what feels like months, we are done-ish.  Everything needs to be scrubbed clean so the cabinets can be filled and all the cute stuff needs to be hung on the walls.  I need to find some baskets and a new rug.  We lost a lot of cabinet space with the new way we set things up, but we're OK with it as it means we'll need to be creative with storage solutions plus implement one of my favorite words: purge.  If we don't have room for it, that might mean we just don't need it.  (So un-American of us.)

All that to say, the whole picture is not yet ready for the public eye, but I will satisfy your curiosity with a few little peaks.
ooh, pretty

so thankful for counters again

a few fine details are missing, and it's dusty


I am so thankful for a place to get ready again...I'm sure you all have noticed what a mess I've been lately with no place to plug in my curling iron.  (I know we have another bathroom but it is so far away and I guess I would rather be a mess than haul everything down there just to bring it back up again.)  And now the kids can take a bath without getting covered in drywall dust and we can use sinks and turn on lights!  So great.


Kelley said...

Can't wait to see it! Is the door hung? That is important.

melissa said...

He did hang the door after I posted this, because that is important indeed. I got it all cleaned last night and started putting things away, so it's looking better!