18 May 2012

Just Us Girls

Oh my dear Daphne, full of spunk and sass and a bit of sugar and spice.

It's hard sharing attention with a baby brother and she struggles with feeling left out. 

She needs to know that I love being her mama, even when we're having a hard day.  Especially when we're having a hard day, because no one could love her as much as I do.

We've started having hymn sings.  We sit at the piano and play and sing.  It's good for my sight-reading skills as she always manages to pick the few unfamiliar hymns that I don't know. 

"This is a good one!" she says.

We always do the regulars too: "Angels We Have Heard on High," "While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks," "It Is Well," and "How Great Thou Art."

She needs it and I need it.

Just us girls.


Nutty Mom said...

How fun! I miss my piano :-( We had to sell it when times got tough. I'm hoping one day I can have one again. LOVE Daphne's hair. I'm so jealous, I can not for the life of me french braid my girls hair. You're one talented momma!

GrandpaR said...


Kelley said...

Does she help you play? You need to start teaching her!

wavemama said...

I've spent many an hour in my youth playing piano and singing along to old hymns. What great fun! And to do it with Daphne as well. She's no doubt enjoying the girl time with Mommy and she's learning valuable scriptural lessons as well.

Miche said...

How sweet! So proud of you for being the great mama that you are.

Hello From the Kings! said...

She will cherish these times for sure! You are some lucky girls. :)