21 July 2010


I would like to take one minute to say I am very sad about this faux summer weather we are having. Yesterday the sun did not come out until 3:21 P.M. I know that because I was desperately watching for the sun and rejoiced when it finally started pushing its way through the clouds. It seems like by the end of July we should be able to plan outdoor activities without wondering if we will need to wear a woolen sweater. Can I get an amen?

We made plans to take Daphne berry picking on the farm on Sauvie Island that David and I have gone to for the past several years. Last year we didn't get to go, so we were really looking forward to the adventure.

You can imagine my dismay to wake up yesterday morning, our berry picking day, to find it raining. Hello, I do not berry pick in the rain. Berry picking in the rain is extremely anti-summer, if you ask me.

By the time we got ourselves up and at 'em, got to the grocery store for picnic food and through a drive through coffee hut, it was barely drizzling, just cloudy and windy and cold. Whatever. Better than rain.

Our goal to was to pick as many berries as we could before Daphne could realize what we were doing. She has this thing for berries where she will cross oceans and climb mountains to eat them. I'm sure berry farmers realize a few berries will get eaten before they are paid for, but I'm sure they would rather patrons not eat their weight in unpaid berries, if you know what I mean.

This plan lasted about 7.4 seconds. Smart one, that girl is.

Saying 'more.'

Throwing a fit when the berries do not come fast enough.

That's more like it.

Once we moved on to blueberries, it took approximately .324 seconds for her to find her own berries to pick. She did not want us to get them for her. And I was impressed that she was good at not picking the green ones. You probably only have to eat one or two before you figure that one out.

Our berry picking was fruitful and fun, despite the chilly weather. And I am really looking forward to today's diapers, as I know they will be coming in various shades of blue. In fact, I think I am smelling one right now...


GrammaR said...

I'm not driving up to change diapers. You are on your own with this one! :)

wannabmomma said...

lol - she is such a funny girl! And yes, I'll give you an "amen" for the weather...it's doing the same thing here. Blech.

Marla said...

ha, ha Eva was the same way where blueberries are concerned. I have changed so many blue smelly diapers! Love the part about the weather--spot on lady...faux summer indeed.

GrandpaR said...

Aunt Becca and Grandpa R picked blueberries today. Becca threw multiple fits-- but it was because of spiders not because of a slow berry feed system.