17 July 2010

OK, Veggies, It's Time to Grow

I am so thankful to have a beautiful garden this year. I especially love that we're growing a bunch of corn even though we don't really like corn. But chickens do! And I can decorate with the stalks this fall. Always thinking ahead.

You know that David built our amazing veggie boxes, but did you know that we also made that soil? Oh yes we did. It is years worth of a compost pile. It's especially nice with a little chicken poo mixed in.

Maybe if I made a sign that said "this soil made with chicken poo" no one will steal any of our crop.

We bought some of our vegetable starts at our favorite little local nursery, which happens to share a parking lot with a B-17. We thought Daphne would like being up close and personal to an airplane, but apparently airplanes look more appealing when they are far, far away (and not a super loud A-6 Intruder, which is what scared her the other day).

I could tell you how she bucked and yelled and tried to steer David away from that plane, but there is a huge fly in my living room that really needs to be taken care of. Gotta go.


Nutty Mom said...

Chicken poo is definitely the key. My mom has a garden and a million chickens. Let's just say she grew a zucchini that my 8 year old nephew (and my husband and my dad) thought was a watermelon.

GrandpaR said...

Say "hey" to Gerardo for me!
And Daffy!

and maybe David.

Spent so many happy hours in sight of that plane....And the pigeons.