26 July 2010

Please Don't Tell: We Skipped Church

On Sunday we went out to the beach to meet up with David's family.

As a disclaimer, these photos are not actually of the ocean but of the same river we were walking by on Saturday, just quite a few miles to the northwest. Isn't that just so interesting? I thought so.

Daph liked the boats.

And also seashells.

David liked swimming in freezing cold water.
(This was supposed to be one of those pictures where you snap the photo and then realize, wow, you accidentally got a huge fish jumping in the background! Daphne was not cooperating and was too amazed at what her dad was doing.)

Any trip to the beach when the sun is shining is a good trip to the beach.


Nutty Mom said...

How fun! I can't believe how big Daphne's getting! Seeing her next to ya'll really puts it in perspective.

Lacee said...

wow! what a big fish!! haha!

GrandpaR said...

The photo is oddly disturbing somehow....is the water super deep or super shallow?....what is going to happen next?....