24 July 2010

River Walk and Birthday Fun

The sun was out when we woke up this morning! Seeing the sun makes getting up early so much more tolerable.

We decided to spend the warm morning on a walk by the river.

One of Daphne favorite activities - a walk, combined with several of her favorite objects - airplanes, boats and water. Perfect.

Our walk took us almost an hour and a half, so I was sure we had gone at least 7 miles. Surely.

Nope, only 4.8. It's very disappointing to be such a slow walker. I blame the small one.
I realized this afternoon that Daph turned 19 months old today. To commemorate her birthday I will share that one of her new favorite things to do is to list off the things she wants to say 'night night' to as I am rocking her before bed. Tonight she said 'night night' to daddy, mama, Daphne, Lola, Brynner, airplanes, outside, milk and the stairs. Saying 'night night' to the stairs kind of threw me off, but she was very adamant about it. I guess she can say good night to whatever she wants.

This afternoon as she was playing she started saying 'beya' over and over again, getting louder each time. I could not figure out what she was so frantically trying to say. Finally she came over to me, touched my belly, said 'thank you' and took off again. Beya = belly. Got it. At least she was polite about the whole thing.


GrammaR said...

How do you say 'night, night' to the stairs? Is it enough to say it or do you have to go to the stairs and say it? Just wondering.

Nutty Mom said...

HAha, she's so funny! I wish I could look forward to mornings "warming up". They don't exactly cool off here. It was 101 at 7:15pm the other day. I'm pretty sure by 10am it's nearing 95. SOOO, just come visit us for a bit if you need some "warmth" :) Hope you have a great weekend.

melissa said...

She only has to say it. While we're in her room snuggling, she just makes a long list of things and I say the 'night night' part. Daphne: "stairs." Me: "night night stairs." Daphne: "milk." Me: "night night milk." It's great.

GrammaR said...

Got it! What a great memory to have.