15 July 2010

Our Day

*Today Daphne scooted over to Lola's and Brynner's bowls while they ate, picked out dog food chunks, popped them in her mouth and said "mmmm" a lot. She did the same with Ellie the Cat.

*Today in the summer warmth Daphne kept herself covered in blankets. In the past couple of weeks she has become quite bonded to all of her minky blankets. If she sees one, she needs it in her hands, even if she already has one or two or three on her person. Tonight as I was readying her for bed, there happened to be three blankets in the living room, so when we went to the couch to read books she needed all three of them with us. It's very important that all the blankets touch her skin, so we had one on her right shoulder, one on her left shoulder, and one draped over her head. Then her Owl and new friend Skunk from Idaho had to sit on her lap. Did I mention it is 80 in our living room? To top it all off, the book she wanted to read was the Bed, Bath and Beyond catalog we got in the mail today. (It's also important to take all of these blankets to bed with her, where she positions herself in a little minky nest to fall asleep in.)

*Today we went out by the airport to watch airplanes, and an aircraft carrier bomber used in Vietnam flew overhead. It was so loud it scared poor little Daphne. (David was not with us, but he also heard and saw the airplane. He said it's only the second of its kind he's ever seen. Cool.)

*Today I counted mosquito bites. Has anyone else noticed that this year appears to have brought us a plague of mosquitoes? I counted 15 bites on Daphne's arms today, and this morning while in line at Costco a lady cut to the front of the line to tell me she was amazed at all the bites I had. (How does one respond to that, by the way?) The most impressive bite is the one on my forehead that looks like a goose egg. Like I ran into a door. Basically I'm walking around looking diseased and accident prone, while toting around my equally diseased daughter. We may as well start a colony.

*Today Daph tried to feed our chickens sticks.

*Today David is living on about 2 hours of sleep because he worked until 2 this morning and then had to be downtown at 8 for court. Now he's at work again.

*There's not much more to say, except that Daphne can speak chicken.


GrammaR said...

Daph afraid of an airplane! :O Never thought I would hear that!
Watching the news, the mosquito invasion is due to the spring we had. Great.
Hope David gets to sleep today.
Give Daph a kiss for me.

Nutty Mom said...

I know I'm a horrible commenter, but I always read your blog, it's the one I look forward to most! Daphne is so adorable, even if her food choices are um.....interesting.

Oh and thanks for making me cry with the song that was playing while I commented on this!

GrandpaR said...
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