30 July 2010


My dad always told me they had me first so that I could be their slave.

You better believe I am now making Daphne pay for my years of child labor.

Today I had her washing doors....

.....and gardening. She is a huge help, so I am thrilled to have her as my little worker bee.

Speaking of gardening, I will admit that we have thrown old pumpkins in our compost pile in years past and it seems the seeds have been lying dormant waiting to be given a chance to flourish and grow. Wouldn't you know that right now we have no fewer than 20 pumpkins plants happily and healthily growing in our garden boxes. I'm really torn about what to do with them, because obviously we do not have the set up for growing a pumpkin patch, but I also can't just pull them out and let them die! This is a big dilemma, but I need to figure out a solution very soon. Our chicken-poo-and-compost soil is doing its job and giving a lot of life to our veggies.

Oh the trials of being a farmer.

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Paige said...

such a big helper!!! callyn has be "helping" me put the laundry away all morning!