28 July 2010

Swimsuit Season Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Maybe I should rephrase that title by saying that swimsuit season is nothing to be afraid of if you are 1 and your big belly is considered cute. I am still waiting for the episode of America's Next Top Model where Tyra says, "just look at that model's huge belly! isn't it so cute?" but I don't think that will be happening any time soon. Bummer.

These past few days have felt like summer has finally arrived and we are so happy about it. I give myself a lot of credit for the change in the weather, because it seems every time I get my canner out the weather gets warm and my un-air-conditioned kitchen heats up to a billion degrees. Then the canner gets going with all the boiling water and the kitchen easily reaches a billion and one degrees. David walks through and talks about how hot it is, and I tell him unless he is washing fruit he has no room to complain.

So he takes the Daph out for some swimming instead, and now every afternoon she says "dada water" over and over and over again.

P.S. Tonight Daphne said 'night night' to her teeth.
P.P.S We still owe Kyle Cox 5 bucks for that inner tube.


Jessica said...

I totally love that she has an inner tube in a one-foot-deep pool!

GrammaR said...

I guess we will need to get an inner tube for when she comes to our house!

Anonymous said...

Haha that $5 is killing us! She looks like she enjoys it!

I bet she needs one of those big shamu whales! Hey! Bring her suit Sunday and we'll put her on the Shamu I got for Jen's pool!