01 September 2014

Christian Turns Three: Train Edition

Do you find that your children's birthdays are just the most wonderful of days? 

I say it too often I'm sure, but being a boy-mom is delightfully fun.  I love the train tracks spread across the living room and the monster trucks rolling under my feet as I cook supper. There seems to be an innate ability to make all manner of car/airplane/train/tractor sound effects.  I like his occasional "pwetty pwincess" dress-ups with Daphne and how he likes to fix my hair, laughing hysterically while doing it.   

One of my favorite things about 3-year-old Christian is how it seems he loves to say my name.  He'll pull on my hand and say, "Sit with me so we can talk about cool stuff, Mom."  Then he ends every single sentence with 'Mom.'

"I like blue trains, Mom."

"Did you see that big rocket ship, Mom?"

"When I get big I'm gonna drive train engines, Mom. And big tractors, too, Mom."

"I'm getting really huge, Mom."

"Can you draw a engine with me on it, Mom, and Daphne and Jonas and you and Daddy, too, Mom?"

Last year was all about the buses and this year is all about the trains.  David was scheduled to work on Christian's birthday, putting a crimp in much birthday planning.  But at the last minute he magically got the day off, clearing the way for church as a family in the morning and a simple family supper in the evening.  

His birthday supper selection was "macaroni and cheese and hot dogs with a fire and sticks and then marshmallows and cake and cupcakes." So thankful for his love of nutrition. 

His party was a roaring success.  Last night on his way to bed he said, "I would like my birthday again after I wake up from my nap."  Now he's rotating his way through his new cars, trains, and tractors, happy as can be.  It was a perfect day.
waiting for a party to start

hot dog roasting

loving our roomy new dining room


Angel The Alien said...

That looks like a great way to spend a birthday! It is so cute that he said he wanted his birthday "again" when he woke up from his nap!

Michelle said...

He's so great. Although it freaks me out a little that he is three. Just because three is kind of big.

But he's such a sweetheart. He makes me very happy to have a boy now, too. (They are pretty amazing.)

Erika said...

Awww...love how he adds "Mom" after every sentence! And love his delicious birthday dinner request, too...sounds tasty!