23 September 2014

What We Did On the First Day of Fall

Let me share some more house love, since that's a topic that hasn't been beaten to death yet.

We love that we feel like we live out in the country even though the Portland border is a mere 40-ish feet away.  Our street is so quiet we can meander around on it for a little nature walk and not see a car the whole time we're out.  I try to teach about street safety and Christian's like, "but there's NO CARS here!"  It's confusing to him. 

And if we didn't love all that enough, now the leaves are starting to change, turning our street into a rather magical place.

Since rain is in the forecast for the week, we took this morning to walk through crunchy leaf piles and collect bagfuls for leaf rubbings (we straight up copied this activity, cute leaf garland and all).  Daphne was very impressed that you can make leaves show up on paper.  She's pleased with our garland hanging prominently in the family room.  (Our house is decorated like a kindergarten classroom.  Such is life.)  We called it Science, Art, and P.E. and then gave ourselves high 5's for a school day well done.  Oh, we did Reading later because we're not total slackers. 

Christian loves doing whatever project Daphne is doing, even if his shorter attention span means that after only a few minutes of coloring he's on the floor tearing paper to bits.  Then 5 minutes later he's throwing trucks down the stairs. 

Jonas was content in the Ergo and then in his seat, taking in all the activity.  I tickled his chin so he giggled and squealed, because babies like nature walks, leaves, and fall, too. They also like naps. 

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Kelley said...

Jonas is getting too big. I need to come visit.