17 September 2014

Jonas: 3 Months

I'm sure all have heard the good news that Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix streaming on October 1st?  It's just SO difficult to load DVDs all the time (not to mention my DVDs have been viewed so many times they've practically worn out) so this news will make my life infinitely better.

That doesn't have much to do with Jonas, but I couldn't bear to keep the good news to myself.  After all, sharing is caring!

Anyways, back to Jonas at 3 Months. What a sweet, smiley, squishy, chatty little doll he is. There's not much more to say beyond that he's practically perfect.  He gets a little mad when he's tired and we've kept him up past his nap time.  Stiffens himself up like a 2x4 and refuses to relax.  He doesn't especially love being hungry, either.  I guess what I'm trying to say here is that as long as he's napped and fed he has nothing to complain about, and so he doesn't.  Isn't that the nicest?

Christian asked if we could get another baby like Jonas soon.  I told him that's probably not a great idea right now, but it makes me happy that he loves his baby so much.  Daphne is the perfect little mother and loves to babysit him while he's awake.  That keeps both of them entertained; big win for me.  Baby Christian was always a little frightened of Daphne and her smothering ways, but if Jonas is irritated with her, he yells.  No crying, just a nice and firm, "back up, lady!" yell.  It's funny.

We all like him quite a bit.  With those cheeks and eyes and that tiny tuft of hair sticking up atop his head...he's basically irresistible. 
photo courtesy of the fabulous Michelle

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