13 September 2014

We Have Pumpkins

September has rushed in and our fall activities are getting underway.  Even with our few scheduled weekly activities we're still feeling quite lazy-ish because HOME SCHOOL.  Yay.  More on that another time, I'm sure, but basically we can't handle having to be somewhere every. single. day. so we've become nerdy introverts who school at home.  Except our social calendar is ridiculous (home school perk I never really considered), so never mind on the introverted part.  Nerdy, I don't know, but this is how Christian dresses himself.  So maybe?

Bible Study Fellowship started Wednesday and we are all happy to be back.  I thought Daphne would be going with David this year, but since she's still 5 she gets to come with me.  She's happy to be back in her class with old and new friends.  Christian ran freely into his classroom this year instead of wrapping himself around my leg and wailing.  That was nice.  This year's study is the life of Moses, Exodus through Deuteronomy.   If you need a good study, we can't recommend this one enough, so look for one in your area.   Or come to mine and be my friend!  (Or go to David's and be his friend.)
poor David didn't get a first day photo

After BSF was peach canning time.  Jonas took a nice long nap while the big kids stole peaches yet still wanted me to fix them snacks and were generally in the way.  There is just no telling which child is my favorite.

I don't understand his fashion choices

Thursday we gathered pumpkins and gourds from my parent's house. (Thanks, Dad, for your wild gourd patch.)  This house is a dream for the holiday decorating, putting a crimp in regular unpacking.  The guest room is still a disaster, but hey, we have pumpkins! 

'every leaf speaks bliss to me fluttering from the autumn tree'

I need piles of pumpkins around the gate


Erika said...

Oooooh I love your house with all the pumpkins!!! I would definitely neglect other house duties in order to decorate for fall!!

Kelley said...

I'm waiting to get back in BSF...that's what happens when you are a grad. Fashion sense: from Papa
I know where you can get more pumpkins/squash/gourds.