04 September 2014

Slices of Life, Vol XIV

*Driving past Bonneville Dam:
Daphne: Is that a bridge?
David: Nope, it's a dam.
Daphne: Oh, it's a dam bridge?
David and Melissa:

*While watching me cook supper:
Daphne: What are you doing?
Me: I'm grating cheese.
Daphne: Grating? What's grating?  Are you making the cheese dead?

*Daphne: "Someday all the old people at our church are gonna die!  And then some new people will come!"

*After seeing inside Papa's beehive and then noticing the hexagon tile in our bathroom Daphne said, "Our floor looks like honey holders!"  (We've since taught her the word for 'honeycomb.')

*While we lived in our rental, our neighbors used to sit in their windows and stare at us while we were in our backyard.  Sometimes 5,6 people at a time.  It was strange.  So one day Daphne said, "Maybe when we live in our new big house we can stare at OUR neighbors!"  (Now that we live here, we don't do any unusual staring.)

*Daphne: "Daddy is going to let me visit jail so I can see the bad guys.  And I will say to the bad guys, 'You naughty bad guys, you are going to stay in jail until you learn to follow God and your Heavenly Father!'"

*Daphne got on the phone with David and said, "Hi Dad! I'm playing with needles but I'm being careful!"  Then she hung up.  (Nothing to fear when Mom is in charge, obviously.)

*Daph loves to be crafty and Jonas gets the benefits:


Erika said...

Ahhhh I can't believe I let Camilla's arrival distract me from my Kidnap Daphne plans!!! No worries, it's back on the forefront of my mind and planning! Looove her!

Diane McKee said...

I love her crafty little hats! She has such a willing subject to model them:-)