30 September 2014

The Dining Room: Part II

(If you missed the 'before,' click here.)

He finished!  Doesn't it look nice?  If our house was about to get hit by a tsunami and I had time to grab five things, this cupboard would definitely be one of those five.

I've always been a fan of antique pie safes.  Years and years ago we were on a little weekend trip to central Oregon and found pie safe tins at an antique store.  Now, finally, they are being put to good use and I have my own pie safe-inspired piece. 

Isn't the hardwood counter top beautiful?  That's extra hardwood from our old house that apparently had been in the attic all those years.  David grabbed a few boards before we moved out, but now that these have been shined up and put to good use, he wishes he had grabbed more.

With all the fall touches, this room is definitely my favorite room.  I mean, when all the other rooms aren't my favorite, then this one is my favorite.

Daph putting the room to good use with her math work


Erika said...

Ooooh I love it!!!!

Meeka said...

This is so great! I love how I can totally tell it's your house, just from the pictures.