14 September 2012

Best Week Ever

Football season is in full swing around here.  I like college football and David likes NFL, but since we don't have TV channels that show the games, it's probably not as pervasive in our home as it is in other's.  On Sunday afternoons David has the laptops on and his phone goes crazy with 49ers updates, and on Saturdays I hang my OSU flag on the front porch and dress the kids in darling black and orange outfits. 

Even without ESPN, Sunday afternoons can be a bit stressful as it's David's first day off of work and the kids are so happy to see him, but he's 'in the zone' when it comes to monitoring his teams on the computers.  And while I love that he has this football hobby, and encourage him to enjoy his time, sometimes I am selfish and wish for my own 'football afternoon.'  I wouldn't sit around watching football, but to do as I please for an afternoon while someone else cooks and watches the kids?  Doesn't sound too bad. 

So imagine my joy when this past Sunday came around, and after lunch had been cooked and cleaned, David told me to leave the kids with him and go out to do whatever I wanted.  Nice guy, right?  Before he could change his mind and realize that if I was gone he would be the one changing the diapers, I grabbed my handbag (not a diaper bag!) and ran out the door.  (I'm pretty sure I am not exaggerating when I say I ran.) 

I didn't do anything very interesting, but it was wonderful to be able to run a bunch of errands without dragging along the two little ones. 

On Tuesday two friends (including this beautiful girl that I've been privileged to get to know recently) from Albany came up for an Ikea shopping trip/girls day out.  Again, a great afternoon sans children, and this time filled with the camaraderie and encouragement from two other young mamas. 

Wednesday morning BSF started for the year.  We're studying Genesis this year, and I'm looking forward to getting a deeper look at the book.  More than the simple Sunday School stories we grew up hearing. 
D in her dress and hair clip, C in his camo sweatpants.  It's hard to decorate boys.

Daphne was so excited to start Bible Study up again.  The children's program at BSF is almost the #1 reason why I attend; last year was a hard year starting out with a newborn, and pretty much the only reason I stuck with it is because of Daphne's class.

Last year I kept Christian with me for most of the year, but now that he's big enough to be away from me he gets to stay in his class for the entire two hours.  Once we got home Daphne seemed confused on how Christian could be in a class, since he doesn't know how to sit still like she does.  She asked me "does Christian crawl around while his teachers learn him?"  Yes, he pretty much does, but that doesn't stop the teachers from teaching the babies, too. 

Now that Christian has his class, every Wednesday morning I get two hours free of children to study with my peers.  Priceless.

Wednesday afternoon David was preparing to leave for work when he suddenly asked if I would rather he went to work, or dropped the kids off at his mom's so that he and I could go shopping.  What??  I was so confused, but it turned out he had taken the day off and used it to surprise me with a little shopping spree at the Town Center.  We had a fun 3 hours to ourselves, and David doesn't even mind going shopping with me.  What a guy.

After my Sunday afternoon of errand running, Tuesday with the girls, and Wednesday at BSF and then husband time, I actually had a chance to miss my kids.  I admit that I kind of enjoyed that feeling. 

All the breaks were well worth it as Thursday morning resulted in waking up to a raw meat juice spill all over the refrigerator and Christian's biggest diaper disaster to date.  I had cleaned and disinfected the fridge and cleaned and disinfected Christian, the bathtub, the carpet and myself all before 8:30 AM. 

Good thing I had been refreshed and ready for what those kids can throw at me.

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