03 September 2012

Birthday Party

We decided to do Christian's birthday party as a cowboy theme, therefore we needed to have his party down in Albany on a farm.  Outdoor parties in the summer are best on a farm, anyways.

It was such a great party.  We sorely missed the family members who couldn't attend (because they live so far away, like Alaska and Ohio, or because they became unexpectedly ill.).

Now those folks can feel like they were there because of the zillions of photos I am about to share. Hooray!

Grandpa and Grandma Roth let us invade and set up in their barnyard.  The location was perfect and the weather cooperated beautifully.  

a special thanks to those who actually "grabbed a scarf "

Getting the pigs out was not my idea.  Not because I didn't think it was a great idea, but because I don't usually think in terms of pigs.  I'm more of a "I don't really want the pig to touch me" kind of a girl.  But Daphne LOVES pigs and I think Christian is pretty entertained by them as well. 

Plus, pig wrangling is a good sport for all young cowboys/girls.

Cupcake time!  The vanilla cupcakes were from the cookbook Gluten-Free Baking Classics and they are really good. 

I love how confused 1-year-olds are at their parties.  We make such a big deal of turning 1 and they just sit there wondering why we're pushing fire in their faces and forcing them to eat sugary baked goods, all activities that we highly discourage any other day of the year.  I fully understand their confusion. 

I would say we make a pretty fine cowboy family.

not thrilled with his cupcake

Becca won the best dressed cowboy/girl award (I had a voting section set up, because there was no way I wanted the pressure of having to choose a winner), but I have to say I was VERY impressed to get a text message during the party from my Ohio family with photos of themselves in cowboy hats.  Genius, people.  Genius.

It really is too bad Christian won't remember his party because it was so much fun.  Good thing we took A LOT of pictures.  
rounding out the night with a lawn mower ride with Papa

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