31 August 2012

One Year Ago Today (Part 2)

You want to know the definition of a perfect moment?

It's the moment a healthy baby is born.  When you are the first one to hold him and everyone in the room is happy.  When the baby isn't crying, but it's only because he's perfectly content in his mama's arms.

That, my friends, is a perfect moment.


Wednesday the 31st started with no labor in sight.  Once again, my natural instincts to keep anything medicinal away from the birthing room were compromised as we kind of 'had' to get things moving.

The hard thing about hospitals is they have to keep their standards so high in order to keep themselves from getting sued.  I am not typically supportive of inducing labor when a mother and baby are healthy, so to be in that position was a very tough place for me to be.

If there is anything I have learned through my pregnancy and birth with Daphne, though, it is that the most important thing is a healthy baby.  Sometimes little things happen that we really don't want, but in the end, the baby is all that matters.  The tiny details in how he got here?  Not so important.

So I was induced starting around 10AM, and after 10 hours of hard and fast labor (comparing to Daphne's 40 hours), we had a baby.

The birth was perfect.  I thought maybe it wouldn't hurt as badly the second time around, but unfortunately it did.  I was happy to be able to do it again without any pain medications, so the little bit of Pitocin to get things started was all I needed.

The baby came out and I took him right away.  I got to see that he was a boy and I was so glad that he was.   It made me nervous that he wasn't crying, but it didn't take long to see that it's just because he was so happy to be with me.  He had no reason to cry.

It was a couple of hours before I was ready to give him up to be washed and weighed.  I'm so thankful our hospital wasn't pushy about getting all the stats taken.  Those first hours with him were precious and unforgettable.   Perfect moments.

If Daphne was our faith baby, Christian is our redemption story.  We are thankful for the joy and healing he has brought to our family.

And out of them shall proceed thanksgiving...
~Jer. 30:19 


Lori said...

beautiful...simply beautiful

I LOVE the black and white photo!

Meeka said...

Happy birthday to Christian!