24 August 2012

Let Me Know If You Know About Chairs

Monticello Antiques is one of my most favorite antique stores.  It's a very large space filled with many vendors, so you're surely able to find a style that appeals to you.  We don't go too often (the tiny children are to blame) but when we do drop in I am almost guaranteed to be able to spend hundreds of dollars.  I do not spend hundreds of dollars, but I could if I felt so led.

Like when we were doing Daphne's big girl bedroom: it was time to spend the Big Money and I embraced that wholeheartedly by buying her dresser and bookshelf there.  On sale no less!  So much cuter and more unique than going to Ikea or something, although I do have a deep love for Ikea as well.  (I don't want Ikea feeling badly or anything.  It's not you, big blue store of wonderful-ness, it's me.)

The shop where David buys some of his motorcycle stuff is just a block or so down from Monticello's.  He and Christian went motorcycle-stuff shopping yesterday while Daphne and I walked down for our own shopping trip...where I found the most wonderful of items!  For 50% off!  (I am not kidding.  Sometimes a vendor will have a little sale, just for fun.)

**WARNING!!  Christian is not wearing pants in these photos.  
I will humor Mother by sitting here.  Pantsless.

When you see a chair like this for half off you DO NOT pass it up!  Plus David gave me a gift certificate for our anniversary and this chair ended up being even less than the certificate, a sure sign that it needed to come home with me.

The old-looking sticker on the underside of the chair says Phoenix Chair Company, Wisconsin USA.  I looked that up on the internet and it said the PCC stopped making furniture in the 30s.  If this is true, this chair is fabulously old.

I just love it.  It's super comfortable, and someday when I have a library in my house this chair will be in it under a window with a lamp and cozy blanket nearby.  Perfection.  For now it's in the guest bedroom (window, lamp and blanket all available) so please, come stay here and sit in it for me.  I'll even make you a hot coffee.

(Except I won't, because I don't know how to use the espresso maker.  David will make you the coffee.  I can make food, though.  Like muffins.)

Monticello's is having their Fall Premier Show on Sept. 7 and I feel it is vital to my health that I go.  I probably need to go The Old Fashioned Christmas Show as well. 

You want to babysit???


Bethany said...

I was just thinking about that wonderful place the other day. Hmmm...may need to come down soon. Many hours spent wandering in those aisles..dreaming of same day. Nothing like sipping a latte surrounded by all the books either. Good memories and definitely one of my favorite places in Portland.

Kelley said...

Dad will be gone that day. I bet C would let me hold him at the end of the driveway and look for airplanes.

Lori said...

Yeah! It's going in my bedroom! I look forward the the coffee and muffins you will serve me when I am sitting in it...but I don't drink coffee....can David make a mocha?