07 August 2012

Olympic Edition

We've been enjoying some Olympics around here, as I'm sure many of you are.

It's been fun introducing Daphne to them.

"Where are the 'Lip-ics," she asked, "on our lips?"

I also heard, 

"Why were those girls doing this?" (she waved her arms artfully around her head, mimicking the gymnasts, I think.)  "Are they trying to fly?"

And of course:

"Where are they going?"  The age-old question of runners who like running around a track. 

David said he did some gymnastics in high school P.E.  I've been trying for days to get him to reenact a few of his routines, but he seems shy to perform what he (says) can do on the floor and parallel bars.

I'm waiting for synchronized swimming.  I totally missed watching any of that event during the Beijing Olympics (why is the good stuff always on so late at night???) so I am making it happen this time.   David thinks synchronized swimming is dumb, but I think that's just because he's jealous that he can only do gymnastics.  If he can even do that, which I am not sure of yet. 

I really like the commercials, too.  Except for the one with the skeleton guy who's arm falls off.  That one is not my favorite.

Our own home Olympics have included doing some painting, cleaning, swimming, and enjoying the beautiful and fabulous hot summer weather.

Christian excels in all banana eating contests, which is why our fruit bowl currently looks like this:

Happy Olympic watching!


Kelley said...

I laughed at the fruit bowl! Papa B will be so proud of Christian. Papa Great, not so much. I'll send Bec to your house this weekend as she wants lots of soft food. That could be an Olympic event, Bec and Christian fighting over bananas.

melissa said...

the bananas are almost gone, so she better get here quick!

Kelley said...

Good grief, I think you need a tree! Or three or maybe even more.