25 August 2012

Good Food

We had a most fabulous cultural experience yesterday.

We often drive by the food carts on 102nd and Stark.  They've intrigued me.   They're a mess of trailers in the middle of a parking lot and I think that's so great.  The sign advertizing 'Meaty's Cupcakes' always throws me for a loop, though, as 'meaty cupcakes' do not at all sound appetizing.  But everything else (Thai?  Good.  Mexican?  Good.  Fruit smoothies and lemonade?  GOOOD!) looked fine.

It was a last minute decision to have lunch there on Friday.  We truly felt like we were in another country, but the food was yummy, the weather was perfect, and no one cared if the kids were loud or if they dropped food on the ground.

Family dining at its finest.

1 comment:

Lori said...

yikes!! is he eating off the ground? One of my kids picked up some gum at the ball field one time. I was wondering where he got gum and then, I figure it out!