22 August 2012

Our Weekend

The kids and I have woken up to cups of fresh blackberries in the fridge several times in the past few weeks.  I love that David picks blackberries while on duty. He says sometimes they get funny looks from passers-by.  (I can't imagine why.)

He took us to his picking spot the other morning so that we could pick a few for our freezer. 
Daphne did not like all the thorns so she just sat like this:
I'm pretty sure that "I don't like the ouchies" was her cover-up for "I'll just sit here and eat the berries."

Besides berry picking, our weekend consisted of hosting a baby shower, having our neighbors over for a BBQ, lunch and shopping at Bob's Red Mill (where we saw Bob drive away in the cutest ever vintage car), eating food from our garden...basically enjoying summer to its fullest.  

And in case you need time for some emotional preparations, Christian turns one NEXT WEEK.  

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Kelley said...

I've got berries at my house, too.

I'm being tested on my lack of robotness. I'm failing.