17 August 2012

Gardening Love

The sun was barely up when Daphne wanted to go pick peas.

So while still in our jammies we picked peas.  And strawberries.  We can also snack on carrots and tomatoes and snip a few herbs.  Corn and pumpkins are on their way.

The best way to get kids to eat vegetables is to grow a garden. 

done with dew on his toes

We went in for a breakfast of our harvest, plus freshly made yogurt for Daphne and ground beef and a banana for Christian.

I mopped the floor while they ate.  As soon as I finished, Christian picked up his tray and dumped its contents onto the sparkling floor.

And thus ended the idyllic nature of the morning. 


Kelley said...

You expected the day to continue in that happy fashion? Looks like you need to buy more bananas. The peeps are growing.

Stay cool today.

Lori said...

You are such a good mom! I love that we both used the word, "Idyllic" on our blogs in the same week!