09 August 2012

Playground and Cake

Tuesday night was our neighborhood's National Night Out at the park.  We figured that Daphne loves playing at the playground and we love free food, so we might as well be community minded and attend.

And then, glory be, there was a band that was a tribute to Cake band (Cake the music band, not like cake that you eat...all that to say, they just played Cake's music, they didn't play music and encourage you to eat cake.  Which is good because Christian and I can't eat cake.).  Cake is one of David's favorite groups, so he got to sit there and listen to some of his favorite music, live.  The band was actually pretty good.

David and Christian sat and listened to music for quite awhile and Daphne and I played on the playground.

Do you think she enjoyed herself?

Then Christian came over to watch Daph and he was just SO CUTE.  Not really cuter than any other time, of course, but for some reason his cuteness was really speaking to me.

he's doing his fake laugh right here.

And then Daphne came over and she was just SO CUTE as well.  Although she's not into having her picture taken right now.

I know this about her, but I made her sit with me for some pictures.  I will be kind enough to show you some of the best ones:

I know.  Call a modeling agency immediately.

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