13 August 2012

Oh Feet, Why Do You Give Us So Much Trouble?

We finally were able to discuss the results from Daphne's MRI today with her doctor at Shriners.

I wish the doctor could tell us exactly what we're supposed to do, but she can't.  Daphne's little feet have missing bones, fused bones, bones in the wrong places...it's crazy in there.

There is no "we will do this, and this will happen" formula.  It's more of a "we could do this and hope for this, or try that and hope for that, or add this, or take away this, or wait 5 years, or do something tomorrow."

I do not feel qualified to make these types of decisions. 

So for now we're taking the easiest route possible: a different type of brace that's actually, technically a prosthetic.  I can't even explain it it's so strange, so you'll just have to wait the 6 weeks for them to be finished to see.  This new prosthetic won't do anything as far as straightening her feet, they'll actually be more focused on giving her more of a 'foot' to walk on and relieving some of the stress on her knees and ankles that her regular KAFO's have caused.

I admit, it would be more fun if we didn't have to do this.


Meeka said...

I'm sorry the doctors can't give you better answers, then again, I think you've proven that you know better than they do in a lot of situations :). As always, I'm sure Daphne will take her new braces and literally run with them. I'll let Derek know to get ready for a footrace challenge.

On another note, I could not believe that was Christian standing next to Daphne. What a big boy!

Scooter said...

Sorry it sounds so discouraging but as you process this new option I'm sure Daphne will be excited to take on this new challenge and make it the best.
She's an amazing little girl and loves life no matter what battles she has to overcome to enjoy it. Even at her young age she is inspiring to me.
Love you guys!