03 August 2012

Christian: 11 Months

I feel like I have a little boy now, not so much a baby.

Christian is trying to walk, working on more words, SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT (mostly), climbing up the stairs, watching for airplanes, pulling Lola's tail, stealing Daphne's toys...growing up before my eyes.

He loves me the most, would live on bananas, starts dancing the second he hears music, and has the most kissable cheeks.

He doesn't like growing new teeth, or being left behind, or being coaxed into trying new foods.

He is full of smiles and laughs, he gives kisses and snuggles, he is joy and love wrapped in a perfect, squishy little package.

11 months with this guy:

It's been pretty great.

And some outtakes:


Kelley said...

What a sweetie! Give him and his sister kisses for me. Did he find any bacon and sausage?

melissa said...

Is he supposed to find bacon & sausage?

Kelley said...

One never knows what Gramma might bring.