30 August 2012

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today was a Tuesday.  I drove David to Gresham for a doctor's appointment thanks to a car accident he had been in at work the week before.  Things with the pregnancy were...strange...so after his appointment we hopped on the freeway to go to L&D at Sunnyside.  Not to stay, just to check in an make sure everything was OK.

After checking in with the midwife she let me know that I would be staying at the hospital.  I wasn't even technically in labor yet and was completely unprepared to stay.  I didn't have my bags, I still had some things to finish up at home.  Staying at the hospital was not in the plan.

For a mama who likes to do the birth thing with as few medical interventions as possible, staying was such a disappointment.   It was not how it was supposed to happen.  It was supposed to be like labor with Daphne...stay home until the last possible second and then head to the hospital.

So I signed against medical advice and went home for a bit.  I felt like it was the right thing to do.  David knew it, too, and our doula (Carissa the Great) felt the same.  The midwife had had both her children at home, so she understood my need to leave for awhile. 

I'm so glad we did leave.  We came home, finished packing our bags, I did some last minute cleaning and preparations for Daphne.  It was a good time to collect myself and feel more relaxed and ready to go back to the hospital. 

And on our way back down to the hospital we took the time for a last outing as Three.  Izzy's is our last outing memory for Daphne, and now TCBY is Christian's. 
August 30, 2011

Unfortunately for Christian and I at this year's visit, there's nothing for us to eat at TCBY.  But Daph loved her chocolate cone, and he was fine cruising around.
August 30, 2012

After our ice cream break, we headed back to the hospital to basically sit around.  The midwife on duty for the evening was fine to just let us sleep and hang out and see if things would start progressing on their own during the night.  It sort of felt like a little vacation, except not.

I tried some "mind over matter" activities, trying to convince my body to go into labor so that we could have a baby the next morning.  Unfortunately it didn't work. 

We watched Gilmore Girls season 4 (with Daphne it was season 2...I feel like much of my life revolves around those girls), Carissa ran across the street to the Town Center to get us some yummy food, and we tried to sleep.

But we did NOT go into labor...

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