26 August 2012

Slices of Life, Vol VIII

Daphne Gives Advice

David:  What should Daddy be for Trick Or Treat?

Daphne:  Umm.  I don't know.  Maybe a pumpkin.

David:  What about Mommy?

Daphne shakes her head:  No, you can't be Mommy.

David: (much laughter) What should Mommy be for Trick Or Treat?

Daphne:  Mommy can be an elephant. 

Daphne Makes My Heart Happy

Daphne likes to bring me her little Bible and say, "I want to learn.  You teach me."

Then she sits in front of me, I hold the Bible up so she can see the pages, and she learns.

Christian Cannot Be Fooled

I wanted to take a shower one morning, but since Christian LOVES taking a bath, as soon as he heard the water running he came crawling to the bathroom as fast as his little arms could propel him.  Hoping to draw him out so that I could shower in peace, I went to Daph's room and grabbed a musical toy (another love) and turned it on in the living room.  When he wasn't making an appearance I went into the bathroom to find him, and there he was, still in his prized spot at the bathtub, but dancing to the music that he could hear from the living room.  Dancing is also a great love in his life, but clearly not beloved above bath-taking.

Christian Learns to Talk

Christian:  Airplane!
Me: Christian, say 'Daphne.'

C:  (chuckle, chuckle)  Airplane!

M:  Say 'Daph.'

C:  Da.

M:  Yay!!  Say 'Daph.'

C:  Airplane! Airplane! 

M:  Say, 'mama.'

C:  Mama!  Aiplane!

M:  Say, 'Daph.'

C:  (chuckle, chuckle)  Airplane!  Airplane!  Airplane!

He crawls off and finds a toy airplane and flies it around his head.

C:  Airplane!  Airplane!

(Most of our conversations revolve around airplanes.)

Christian Makes My Heart Happy

One recent morning when David came upstairs, Christian spotted him and launched into a full-on happy-to-see-daddy dance.  It's a good moment when your baby gets old enough to do a happy dance out of joy from seeing you.

~photos by Angi Carmen Photography

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