26 September 2012

Playing Together

I realize you're not supposed to let your kids jump on the bed but it's hard to tell them to stop when the activity gives them this much joy.

I wish you could've heard the squeals.

We put together Daphne's big girl bedroom with such love last year, hoping she would find it a good place to play.  Her social nature has kept her from spending too much time alone in there, but every so often she and Christian will disappear to her room and play peacefully for a few minutes.

As soon as Christian is ready we'll move him in there and they will share a room for awhile.  Maybe that sounds silly since they are a boy/girl combo, or because we have more than enough bedrooms (we have 5), but we think it will be fun for them and a good experience while they're young.
somebody loves playing with tractors

With Christian on the move and often in Daphne's business, or Daphne trying to assert her bossiness on Christian, fighting and screeching has reached a high.  Christian has realized that if he wants to be noticed he's got to be loud.  Today we discovered how to let Daph play with her playhouse in the living room without having Christian destroy the little scenarios she sets up inside the house.

Daphne and the house up high with Christian's only access being the doorbell and the ability to peak through the windows. They played peacefully like this for around 15 minutes.  

Watching them play together is by far one of my favorite things.  When they are laughing, I usually am, too. 

P.S.  If it looks likes there are more photos of C over D lately, it's not because he's my favorite.  He is just more willing to pose where as she is more willing to run away.   


Erin said...

A lot of people do say not to jump on the bed, but I don't have a good reason not to so I let Addie Mae do it. She hardly does it, but when she does she loves it as well :)

C and D look like they have fun together :)

GrandpaR said...

OK kids -- we need a "B", for A,B,C,D.

Brian jr or Brianetta would work.

melissa said...

I've been telling everyone about needing the 'B' name!! (not the Brian/Brianetta thing) But if we do a B name, that means between the 3 of us we need to have 26 kids so that we get all the letters.

Kelley said...

You could probably skip a few letters.

Michelle said...

When I first read this post I thought the "happy, not angry" caption was actually something on Daphne's wall. Maybe a reminder or sorts. I thought that was an interesting take on the whole inspirational phrases thing. And then I realized it's not that at all...
Our girls jump on beds all the time. And they love it, perhaps mostly because it keeps them from sleeping at naptime. Olivia jumps in her crib and gets some serious air. I don't know how I'm ever going to get them to stop.