19 September 2012

Miss us?

Yes, I've been a terrible blogger lately. 

Our regular laptop got some sort of sickness and is out at the laptop doctor for awhile.  Our old laptop is kind of annoying to use, hence the lack of posting and anything else computer related. 

So a few random tidbits about our lives recently:

I think I should have a oil painting made of this photo of David and Daphne.  It would look nice in the living room.

I grew 5 stalks of corn this year which produced exactly 5 ears.  What will I do with so great a harvest, you ask?  While we enjoy an ear or two of corn on the cob each summer, I absolutely cannot stand corn off the cob, which makes freezing it not an issue.   I basically only grow corn so that I can use the stalks to decorate my front porch in the fall. Plus it looks pretty in the garden.

The other night we enjoyed our 5-ear harvest.  Daphne was so excited...

...and Christian was so confused.

And finally, David got out his police car collection the other day.

I was shown this amazing shadow box idea off Pinterest and knew it would be perfect for Christian's nursery.  David also thought it was a great idea and had a good time looking through his collection for the best cars to go in the box.

It's such a great way to showcase favorite matchbox cars.  I will have to save cars that Daphne and Christian loved so that someday their kids can have shadow boxes too.  Because I'm sure this idea will still be very cool in 25 years. 

That's our past week in a nutshell.  Who knows when you'll see us again!  (Please laptop, come back to us soon.)


Lori said...

that turned out SO cute!!!!

Lori said...

I just love the princess pose....and Daphne's eyes all lit up as she's eating the corn!

Shelley said...

Yes, you were truly missed. Blogs like yours should be updated daily. So entertaining. :) I laughed out loud at Christian's confusion with the corn...we too, had like a 5ish ears harvest from our garden. It was sort of pathetic. But I was just going to feed the stalks to some neighbors' cows until I read this! Now I'll probably decorate with them, in my attempt to be cool like you.

Keep blogging! :)

Kelley said...

The princesses are so cute! Only five ears, how sad. Computer, please have a quick recovery.