11 September 2012

New Feet

We're in the midst of working on getting Daphne's new prostethics finished.  After a morning at Shriners yesterday, we brought home her rough draft pair to work on teaching her to walk.  They are several inches taller than they will be once they are finished, which is good because right now they make her freakishly tall.  Once she gets to learns to walk on these giant ones, the prosthetics will get tailored to fit her better.

Therapy to learn to walk with her new 'big shoes' (as she calls them) is challenging.  These prosthetics are heavy, so we have several exercises to do to help build Daph's thigh and knee strength.   We have to make time everyday to practice walking.  Finding the balance of encouraging her and helping her without frustrating or exhausting her is challenging.  It's a little rough, but she'll get it.

she found a marker, as you can see on her legs

After Shriners we made a stop to pick up this, something that only one person in the entire world will be interested to know:
So GAL, be ready for this sucker to be shipped to AK!



Kelley said...

WOW, she is tall! Lots of kisses Daph as you learn to walk with these. Christian, you can have some kisses, too.

Lori said...

She looks SO TALL!! I am so excited about the sink!!! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!