06 September 2012

Memories To Be Made

Occasionally David and I ponder deep, philosophical questions like "what would we do if we won $100 million?" (hire a live-in barista, naturally), and "mountains or the beach?" (that one changes depending on the time of year, the weather, our moods, etc.).  Then there is my all-time favorite, "if Mt. Hood was erupting and we had 3 hours to grab our most precious belongings before our house was lost forever, what would we grab?"

That's a good one.   I like it because I like cleaning house with my mind, thinking about which items are precious enough for me to grab and which ones I could lose and not really care about.

Keeps me nice and focused on not keeping junk around.   I want to make sure the things I do keep are things I love and would consider grabbing in the event our house was about to be covered in molten lava. 

Ever since Daphne was born we've wanted a place to be able to record our children's heights on their birthdays. (Nice segue sentence.  Stick with me here; I promise this is going somewhere.) We wanted something that could be taken with us, since we don't plan on living in this house forever.  I was determined to get something ready by the time Christian turned one (because we like him best, I guess).  For all who mock Pinterest, I will tell you that it comes in awfully handy in times of crisis like needing a way to measure your kids.  I found this DIY Growth Chart and of course it was perfect.

I found that perfect piece of wood in the garage.

Daph helped with the sanding

It's homemade and unique, it's art that is personal, and I love it.  Exactly the type of thing that you take with you in the threat of an erupting volcano.

I finished it in just in time to measure Christian on his 1st birthday, and we can get Daphne started on her 4th birthday in a couple of months.

I look forward to the years of memories to be recorded here.  Hopefully we'll have it around for the rest of our lives since we can easily tear it off the wall and run, should we ever have that need. 

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