24 September 2012

Our Computer is Healed

We have our computer back!  We're so happy!  I'll return to blogging with this only slightly embarrassing story about myself, just so you can feel like you know me a bit better:

The other evening I heard the newscaster on the telly say "Thousands of people lined up outside apple stores and I'm sure you can guess why..."

And my first thought was "because it's fall and they want to make pies?"

Then I realized he was talking about Apple stores and phones and not a fall fruit harvest.  

If that doesn't tell you how 1995 I am when it comes to technology, I don't know what does. 

Switching topics here...have any of you locals gone to watch the swifts at Chapman Elementary?  Last night we finally went for the first time, and I tell you, I don't know why we've never gone before. 

I'll let you decide based on these photos what Christian thought of those thousands of airplanes birds flying around:

So cute.

Daphne also enjoyed the birds, but her favorite by far was sliding down the hill on cardboard.  I didn't even know this event was part of swift watching, but apparently it is and it is great fun.
wind in her hair and contentment on her face

C and I went REALLY fast

Vaux's Swifts preparing to roost in the chimney

It was amazing how many people were there, and the fun atmosphere as everyone enjoyed watching the birds put themselves to bed for the night made it a more than pleasant evening.  We're so glad we went and are looking forward to making this a yearly tradition. 

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Lori said...

super happy to have you back on line! The kids look great....Christian is just blossoming! Good job!